In visiting Crawley, John McDonnell must explain to why he advocates for a Brexit that will hurt local residents and businesses

April 15, 2018 6:58 PM

Ahead of John McDonnell's visit to Crawley today, local party Chair Marko Scepanovic says:

We welcome the Shadow Chancellor's visit to Crawley later today as it's a chance to hold the Labour party to account on various issues, including Brexit. I would urge the Shadow Chancellor to explain Labour's shambolic Brexit policy, which will cause just as much economic damage to Crawley and its residents as the Tories' version of Brexit.

It currently seems to be only the Liberal Democrats who are willing to act in the economic interest of residents, Crawley and the country as a whole by committing to remaining members of the Single Market and Customs Union.

Crawley Liberal Democrats' are focused on tackling mental health matters locally. Our aim is to improve the outreach of the Borough Council and commit to a series of measures ranging from working with charities to tackle the stigma of mental health, to dealing with issues such as housing and job insecurity in a way that will also reduce the stress and anxiety which can often lead to mental health issues developing.

We would urge all the local parties to commit to similar policies.