The EU (Withdrawal) Bill is a threat to the Sovereignty of Parliament

September 12, 2017 7:29 AM
By Marko Scepanovic, Chair of Crawley Liberal Democrats

Responding to the recent debate in Parliament over the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill, Liberal Democrat local party Chair Marko Scepanovic says:

"There is a growing level of hypocrisy amongst Conservative backbenchers who were involved in the Leave campaign."

"All of them happily used the slogan, 'Take back control' and sought to persuade the British public that Parliament should be the ultimate legislative body in the UK."

"Yet, their support for the latest version of the Withdrawal Bill does the opposite; it grants the UK government unprecedented powers to impose rules which do not require the consent of Parliament."

"As an example, s. 9 of the Bill gives the UK government such discretion that they could join the Euro without having to put the matter past Parliament and the British public."

"Labour too is at fault here. Their initial support for the Article 50 Bill, the length of which was a few lines, granted the Conservative government a broad discretion of which they are now seeking to extend."

"Voting alongside the Conservatives on the initial Article 50 Bill was an abject failure of an opposition party."

"Henry Smith MP has a duty to his constituents, and to the mother of all Parliaments, to ensure that there continues to be Parliamentary scrutiny of all Brexit related legislation. Parliament must have the final say on all the matters and so I urge him to reconsider how he will vote for the Bill."

"This is not a plea to stop Brexit, but to reconsider how much discretion the government ought to be granted in making the most important decisions for the UK since the end of the Second World War."

"The best laws are often those which receive the most scrutiny from both sides of the House, and both Houses. More than ever before, we need to make sure that through Parliamentary scrutiny, we are passing effective legislation."